Mango Finger Hot Sauce



This month we had the pleasure of working with the head chef of 1308 Chicago, Matt Condon. For those of you who don’t know, I helped open the kitchen with Matt about a year ago. He’s been a behind the scenes supporter for as long as we have been working on this project and if you’re an OG, you might remember a couple products contributed by him along the way. How humbling to think back on our infancy in 2019, three muskrats in a stinky apartment on Hamlin, making jokes about food that smells like farts. It’s an honor to have some of you who remember those days still around.

Matt put together a lovely fruity hot sauce with finger hot chilis, red mango, Global Farms garlic, and ginger. Clean, classic, and the perfect hot sauce consistency. An absolute must for some chilaquiles with a mango salsa or in a buffalo chicken marinade.


Must be refrigerated, Contains: live cultures

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