Your Gut Will Thank You

CultureBox is a monthly subscription box of locally sourced, fermented products. While we often produce the basics (kombucha, kimchi, etc), we want to introduce our ‘boxers’ to a more unique and globally inspired array of fermented foods.

sample of fermented products that come in culture box


Globally and seasonally inspired. Packed with four fermented products to spice up your home cooking

recyclable compostable packaging


We take back our glassware and you get $ off your box! Our packaging is either reusable or recyclable/compostable.

locally sourced veggies from chicago farms


Big love to our farmers. We source as locally as possible, always.

Get Cultured

Sign up for our monthly subscription box to widen your culinary knowledge and abilities. One-time box purchases and gift options are available.

We love to experiment and create limited time items. Our shop is continuously updated with our fan favorites.

culture box customers holding subscription box with kombucha

"I will commit crimes for CultureBox ginger beer. I will take a vow of silence for CultureBox kimchi. I will break that vow of silence to tell everyone I know how CultureBox is the best culinary part of my month, every month."

Sam Walder, Subscriber for 3+ years


"CultureBox helps me get creative with my at-home cooking. I learn something new every box, get to try new flavors and elevate every dish I'm making. I find myself going "ope, this is missing some acid" and adding what I have on hand."

Meghan Larson, Subscriber for 2 years


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